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Study Summary: 16 employees were each given complimentary hypnotherapy sessions directed towards specific self–selected issues of the employee’s choice. The issues included but were not limited to weight loss, trouble sleeping, back pain, stress and anxiety, and smoking cessation. The data were collected over a 6-month period from February of 2015 to August 2015. The data shows employee reported changes from pre and post hypnosis sessions of 6 sessions. While achieving significantly positive results by working on their core issue, data show that the overall improvement in general health and well-being is enormous.


Methodology: Each employee received 6 medical support clinical hypnotherapy sessions. Prior to the first session, a 4 page 17-question Quality of Life (QoL) questionnaire was completed with each employee. The QoL questionnaire provided a baseline for general health, major and minor impairment to daily activities, sleeping patterns, and days absent from work, etc. A copy of the questionnaire is on file. Sessions were scheduled 1 week apart. The typical session was 60 minutes in length.  Employees were guided through specific medical support clinical hypnotherapy protocols providing the opportunity to uncover the sub-conscious cause of the behavior that they wanted to change. Learning self-hypnosis was part of the protocol series.


Group Sessions: In addition to individual private sessions, basic self hypnosis group sessions were conducted. The group sessions were offered to five (5) different audiences between 30 and 50 people (over 200 total employees). Three of the audiences were high stress corporate environments. The first two groups were call center environments in the Healthcare industry, the 3rd group was a publicly traded 9 Billion Dollar Financial Services company.

Participants in the call center environment reported the ability to effectively reduce stress during 10 minute breaks. Our work in the Financial Services sector has lead to private clients desiring to increase their on-the-job performance.

The other 2 groups involved more in-depth teaching.  A total of 8 hours of class time providing the specific context and also content for effective medical support self hypnosis techniques.



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