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Dear healthcare colleagues;

First of all, THANK YOU!!! As a pediatric emergency medicine physician with greater than 30 years of practice experience, I can start to imagine what you and your healthcare provider teams are going through. As a clinical hypnotherapist for greater than 15 years, I introduce hypnosis into my medical practice. Hypnosis activates the parasympathetic system which brings about a state of perceived safety for the body. When the body is in this state of perceived state, the immune system functions at peak levels. The suite of short relaxations below are designed to be listened to before your shift to help you prepare and after your shift to focus on life outside your clinical work. They are less than 20 minutes each and are in ‘voice only’ and ‘voice plus music’ formats. Please feel free to forward the links to other providers. Of course, there is no cost. 

I hope you find them helpful. You are in our thoughts and we are sending you positive intentions,


Robert Sapién, MD, MMM


For Healthcare Providers

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