What We Do

How Hypnotherapy Works:

When you quiet your brainwaves from your waking state to the calm space of hypnosis, you access your subconscious mind. While in hypnosis, you can turn your attention completely inward to find and utilize the natural resources deep within yourself that can help you make changes or regain control in your life. Therapeutic work done in this state is optimal for clearing limiting emotions and beliefs, healing the body and transforming unwanted behavior patterns.

Our hypnotherapists use safe and evidence-based protocols to help you achieve life changing results tailored to your unique vision.

What This Looks Like:

Our wellness packages are completely customizable based on your company’s needs.

These sessions include one on one sessions with a hypnotherapist for employees as well as group sessions (workshops).

One on One Sessions

Your employees will be paired with a hypnotherapist to work one on one. Sessions typically last 45-90 minutes and can be conducted in-person or via tele-hypno, depending on availability of hypnotherapists in your area. Our model typically shows significant results within 4 to 8 sessions.


SapienWELLNESS provides live in person workshop coaching. This is great for team building, wellness weeks and corporate events.

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